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    New App: Recce

    New app alert! Looking for a new and exciting way to help you explore London? The new Recce app allows for an interactive way to view London via a 3D map. The map allows you to locate where you are in London and search for its monuments and attractions to see how to get there.

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  • hollybell

    Holly Bell Cookbook

    Holly Bell, Handpicked Media blogger and mum of three, has published her first book Recipes From A Normal Mum, 17 July. Holly is a normal mum transforming the daily routine of cooking into a delicious art. The Great British Bake Off finalist will show you how to prepare simple meals while being economical....

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    An Update on Some New Apps

    Its time to quickly update you on the newest apps to add to your long list, even though we know it is probably in need of a serious tidy! 1) FrontBack: This new app allows you to take a photo using both the front and rear facing cameras on your phone. You can then attach

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  • minifest_1

    New Feature: Vine Loop Count

    If you download the new Vine update, you will see several new aspects in the improved layout. Two new features include a broader screen and a loop count that records how many times a video is seen. The videos now reach across the whole width of your device instead of being limited to a boxed

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  • vivaink_motorola_moto_x_unlocking_digital_tattoo-630x354

    Unlock Your Phone Via…Tattoo?

    It is necessary to lock your phone for safety, but it can become quite cumbersome to enter a code every time you want to unlock it. A new feature of Motorola phones, called Digital Tattoo, will let you unlock your Moto X phone with one tap of a temporary tattoo that you can place anywhere

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