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    Do You Want You Apps To Bully You?

    Are our fitness apps bullying us into getting healthy?   Videos and apps that offer advise and routines to help us loose weight now threaten to punish us if we do not follow the steps. The most famous app to do this at the moment is Carrot Hunger. This app actually tells you off –

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    The Twitter Happiness Report

    Brandwatch have put together an interesting report on the positive and negative emotions expressed by users on Twitter. Most people go on to Twitter to moan about how bad their day has been or to celebrate about how good it has been and these guys have analysed this data to go further into the factors...

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    New App: Pplkpr

    Pplkpr or ‘people keeper’ has officially given us the app with the weirdest name and the weirdest concept. Pplkpr rates your friends in terms of how they make you feel when you are around them. It uses a GPS tracker and a heart rate monitor to track and manage your relationships. Using the...

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    What’s Next For Apple?

      The rumour mill is at it again and this time talking about what product is next for highly successful consumer electronics company, Apple. After a photo was leaked of the back shell of an electronic device online, the question everyone is asking is, are they producing the new iPad Pro or is it...

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    Updates On Instagram!

    One of the worlds favourite apps, Instagram has added some exciting new features! Most people use filters every time they put up a new photo and Instagram have decided to give us some new options. They have added five new filters perfect for your winter pictures, Slumber, Crema, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua....

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