We work with sites that write about beauty, fashion, lifestyle, parenting, male, entertainment and food.

To discuss bespoke solutions, collaborations, video content, events and social, please contact krista@handpickedmedia.co.uk.

Please see below a selection of some of the sites that we work with.

Forever    Amber

Forever Amber2

handpicked-35twitter 10K    Instagram 14K


Beauty & The Dirt


handpicked-35twitter 13.5K    handpicked-instagram 3.5K

Clutch & Carry-On


handpicked-35twitter 5.4K    handpicked-instagram 44K


Em                 Talks


handpicked-35twitter 34.8K    handpicked-instagram 83K

BOE                 Magazine


handpicked-35twitter 31.5K    handpicked-instagram 1.2K


More Than        Toast

More Than Toast

handpicked-35twitter 15.7K    handpicked-instagram 18K

Cherie           City

Cherie City

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Food & Fitness Always

Food & Fitness Always

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