• YouTube

    YouTube updates advertising algorithm

    YouTube has been criticised over the way it chooses which videos will display adverts for a while now. In April and May this year, YouTube took actions towards this and changed their algorithm so that it restricted advertising from videos showing racism or violence. However, despite the step to make...

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  • Facebook at schools

    Facebook Announce Anti-Bullying Campaign in the UK

    Facebook has announced they will be funding training for one young person in every UK secondary school so that they can support their peers who experience cyber-bullying. There are 4,500 secondary schools in the UK but only half have a digital ambassador trained by anti-bullying campaigns The Diana Award...

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  • uber2

    Uber denied renewal of London licence

    It was announced this morning Uber has been denied renewal of its London licence. According to TfL, the taxi and private hire company failed to meet TfL regulations in order to be granted renewal, outlined in a detailed statement from the governing body. According to the statement, Uber’s licence...

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  • Abigail James

    Facialist Abigail James signs to Handpicked Media

    Independent well-being expert and international facialist Abigail James has signed with us here at Handpicked Media where we will be managing all forthcoming commercial partnerships and brand projects as announced in Diary Directory and Fashion Monitor this week. Abigail is an industry expert with over...

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  • Moviepass

    Netflix Founder Launches Cinema Subscription Service

    Mitch Lowe, one of the founders of Netflix has re-launched cinema subscription service, Moviepass. Moviepass is a subscription service which allows you to watch any film that you want in any cinema. The service has been around for a few years now, though the monthly fee was $50. Now that Mitch has taken...

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