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    ‘Fast Beauty To Go’ is the first on demand beauty app from Blow LTD that gives you fast and high quality beauty treatments on your phone. You can order cabs, food deliveries and even dry-cleaning on your phone so why not beauty treatments? Whether its a beauty treatment you are looking for...

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    Shaun In The City

    One of the nations favourite characters ‘Shaun the Sheep‘ will be the star of two unique public walk trails both in London and Bristol. Go and see the 120 massive sculptures of Shaun the Sheep created by a number of artists, celebrities and designers that will be dotted around both cities...

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    Step Up Your Insta Game With These New Updates

    Instagram is adding some exciting new features to its app today, namely two new effects: Fade and Color. Fade gives your photos that retro aged look – And color tints your shadows and highlights, so you can take all your sunset pictures to the next level. These new updates are currently available...

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    New Aluminum Battery Recharges in One Minute

    A team of researchers at Stanford University has built an aluminum-ion battery prototype which offers several improvements over today’s ubiquitous lithium-ion batteries, including super-fast charging times. The aluminum battery is thin, flexible, and cheaper to manufacture than its traditional...

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    Amazon Introduces the Dash Button For Instant Re-ordering

    On Tuesday, Amazon introduced the new Dash Button that will allow you to automatically reorder common household goods with the click of a button. Each button is tied to a specific brand or product and has an adhesive strip on the back that you can stick directly on the product or wall. When your supply...

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