• Instagram-1

    10 Year Old Boy Hacks Instagram

    A 10 year old boy has been awarded £7,000 after he found a security flaw in the social networking site, Instagram. The boy, named Jani, from Finland, and is technically not allowed to join the site for another three years, discovered the bug which allowed him to delete comments made by other users....

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  • Uber drivers protest against working conditions outside the company's office in Santa Monica

    Uber Faces A New Lawsuit

    Uber are facing yet another lawsuit regarding the status of its drivers following a number of settlements in Califormia and Massachusetts. The lawsuit which was filed in the Northern District of Illinois is seeking to reclassify drivers as employees rather than contractors. Previously, Uber agreed to...

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  • Bing

    Google Banned From Microsoft Cortana

    Microsoft has removed Google as a search engine, forcing its customers to use Bing search engine with the Cortana digital assistant in Windows 10. The company explained their reason behind the change in a blog post, saying it’s the most beneficial way for their customers to get the most out of...

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  • Dyson Hairdryer

    Dyson Launches £299 Hairdryer

    Dyson’s latest venture is something new to the brand, they have moved away from home appliances and have introduced the first ever personal care product. The notorious vacuum cleaner manufacturer has engineered a hairdryer that it quieter and less damaging to hair than you standard machine. Dyson’s...

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  • 4g-featured-image

    EE Aim To Bring 4G To Most UK Homes By 2020

    After being announced as the UK’s fastest broadband as according to Ofcom, mobile phone operator EE are now aiming to bring 4G to 95% of the UK landmass by 2020. The company also announced that they will be relocating their customer services to the UK and Ireland after they failed on their customer...

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