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    Do You Want To Meet Your Future Self?

    If you have ever wondered what you would look like in the future then keep reading as Orange have come up with a fun way in which users can speak to their future self in their new campaign (#futureself). The device allows you to insert a picture of your own face and then 3D rendering

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    Social Media and London Fashion Week

    Social media and new technologies are constantly something that are people use when large events occur or when news stories break. For example the 2014 World Cup was titled ‘the most social sporting event globally’ as the final match alone received 280 million mentions across social media platforms....

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    Twitter: ‘Buy’ Button

    Twitter’s new update is a new way to shop online. They have created a new button where a user can purchase products through tweets meaning they don’t have to leave the app to shop.                                  ...

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    New Robotic Dyson Cleaner

    Dyson’s newest creation is the robotic vacuum cleaner that has a 360-degree eye. The vacuum is due to go on sale in the UK in 2015 and is promising not to disappoint. It will cost £700. The device’s eye uses a 3D room-mapping camera to take a single photograph of a room and can then

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    ‘A Digital Condom’ The new way to protect your USB?

    When you use your USB cable in a public computer to charge a device did you know that your personal data can be transferred onto that computer or even worse a computer virus could spread to your device. When you are in a public area like an airport or a computer café, where you can

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