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    Ever Wanted To Zipline Through The Amazon Rainforest?

    Have you ever wanted to zipline through the Amazon rainforest but never had the time, money or motivation? Well now you can do it all from the comfort of your own home with Google expanding there work with their street view to let us see what its like to experience the Amazon jungle. They have

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    Ikea Launches Furniture To Wirelessly Charge Your Phone

    Swedish megastore Ikea have shocked us by announcing they are going to be launching furniture that can wirelessly charge your phone. They have partnered with Wireless Power Consortium and will use Qi wireless technology and induction transfer, so that when your device is placed on the furniture it will...

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    Do You Want Your Apps To Bully You?

    Are our fitness apps bullying us into getting healthy?   Videos and apps that offer advise and routines to help us loose weight now threaten to punish us if we do not follow the steps. The most famous app to do this at the moment is Carrot Hunger. This app actually tells you off –

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    Pebble Time Smart Watches Go For Colour

    Pebble Time has pipped Apple to the post in creating the world’s first colour smart watch and this new model will be ready to be shipped to us as soon as this May. It’s cheaper than the Apple version (by about half the price at £103) and allows users to click its wristband on and

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    A New Way To Shop

    Brother and sister duo Rebecca and Uri Minkoff are bringing the shopping experience into the future. When they opened their store in Manhattan last year they wanted to improve the shopping experience and involve new technologies in their stores. One of the new things they are using is large screens at...

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