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    New App: Pplkpr

    Pplkpr or ‘people keeper’ has officially given us the app with the weirdest name and the weirdest concept. Pplkpr rates your friends in terms of how they make you feel when you are around them. It uses a GPS tracker and a heart rate monitor to track and manage your relationships. Using the...

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  • Apple

    Apple Watch Expected to Go on Sale in April

    Last Tuesday, Apple revealed its monumental earnings for the quarter, a whopping $74.6 billion in revenue. CEO Tim Cook also divulged another exciting bit of information: the long awaited Apple Watch is expected to begin shipping in April. “My expectations are very high on it. I’m using it...

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  • microsoft-ces-booth

    Microsoft 2016 Slated to Launch Later This Year

    Last thursday, Microsoft announced that it plans to launch its new Office Suite in the second half of 2015. While the company has been focusing on optimizing Office for mobile platforms, Office 2016 is still best used on desktop computers, says Microsoft. Microsoft have also been focusing on their new...

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  • Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 16.45.00

    Microsoft Showcase New Technology: HoloLens

    Microsoft have been busy taking advantage of the fact that Apple have stopped their developments into Google Glass technology and have created their own version, that might be even better, called ‘HoloLens’. They showcased the new product, ‘an augmented-reality headset and platform’...

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    New Dove Men+Care Ad for Super Bowl XLIX

      Get ready to pull out the tissues with Dove’s new Men+Care ad for the 2015 Super Bowl. The ad features various clips of children screaming “dad” or “daddy” before concluding with the text “What makes a man stronger? Showing that he cares.” Dove has been increasingly focusing on incorporating...

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