• dominos-2

    Domino’s ‘Easy Order’ Button

    Domino’s pizza have announced the introduction of an ‘Easy Order’ button. This will essentially allow you to order your favourite pizza with a simple click of a button. To mark the launch of this feature, the fast food company will be giving away a ‘Limited Edition Easy Button’,...

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  • Wired Show

    WIRED Magazine Show To Debut On Netflix

    It has been confirmed that WIRED magazine will be working on developing a new documentary with online streaming service giant, Netflix. An internal email from the magazine revealed that the new show we debut some time next year following the company’s ‘Original’s’ shows, where...

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  • A smartphone user shows the Facebook application on his phone in Zenica, in this photo illustration

    Facebook To Reveal ‘Break-Up’ Tool

    Facebook understand that breakups aren’t pretty and the aftermath can leave us bitter. So, instead of revealing your true feelings and bitterness to your now ex, the social network is introducing a ‘break up tool’ to help minimise the damage.   The ‘Break Up’ tool will...

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  • download

    Huawei reveals quick-charge battery

    Chinese technology company Huaweir have announced that they are working on developing a quick-charge battery. The company revealed two prototypes of removable lithium-ion batteries that can recharge in minutes, using an exclusive charger. The lower capacity battery option can charge up to 68% in two...

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  • Courtesy-of-Snapchat

    Snapchat To Start Charging For Selfie Lenses

    Snapchat customers are infuriated as the company announced introduction of charges imposed on users for using their selfie lenses. Selfie lenses are a relatively new add-on to the popular social service, which announced a record of six billion video views, slowly catching up to Facebook. Snapchat users...

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