• iPhone

    Apple’s Latest iPhone Release Date

    Speculative reports have arisen that Apple will be bringing out a small version of the iPhone 6 in various colours including bright pink. It’s predicted the new iPhone will look like a cross between an iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 – keeping the iPhone 5′s smaller size, with a lot of the more...

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  • Instagram

    Instagram Extend Their Advert Video Length

    Instagram has increased the maximum length of it’s video adverts from 30 to 60 seconds. The maximum length of video clips that ordinary users can post will stay at 15, but the social networks growing pool of advertisers will see their potential ad space double. One of the first companies to take...

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  • Facebook Live Stream

    Facebook App Lets You Live Stream To Friends

    After testing the service back in December 2015, Facebook are now rolling out live streaming across the social network, available to all users. Facebook’s new live streaming feature will be similar to Twitter’s Periscope. It works when you broadcast a video via your smartphone and the stream...

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  • Board Game

    Google AI Beats Human At Board Game

    Google claim they have built a system which is capable of beating even the best human players at the Asian board game Go. Google’s Al (artificial intelligence) marks a historic landmark – a similar moment to the one back in 1997 where an IBM computer called Deep Blue beat chess champion Garry...

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  • Safari

    Apple Safari Crashes

    Reports have emerged that Apple’s Safari web browser has crashed when users try to use the search bar. The bug was first reported to have affected smartphone devices and then it’s Mac computers. Although Apple have recently brought out their update of iOS and OS X operating systems, complaints...

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