About 18 months ago I had an idea to produce a range of make that was for each zodiac sign, and here we are MYSIGN makeup in collaboration with Makeup Revolution is now in Superdrug stores. If only it was that simple! I presented my idea to Adam Minto, who has built an amazing, loyal following of #Revoholics with his make up brand Makeup Revolution and many others and he said yes, let’s do it.  After lots of work; learning how to design packaging and choosing colours that work together, which has all been a great experience with the Tam Beauty team, it’s out there for you to see and love I hope!

The MYSIGN eye wheel has carefully chosen shades that are inspired by the signs of the zodiac and the lip colours range from a nude to a deep to go with each palette.

Fire EyesHannah Powling’s make up looks for MYSIGN make up

The collection is made up of twelve different eye wheels and lip-glosses: one for each star sign. Each eye palette includes everything you need to create an eye look: a primer, three shadows, two-tone brow powder, and highlighter. The shades are ultra-pigmented and can be combined in endless ways to create different looks that are uniquely you.

Fire Lip Set BrandedHannah Powling with our MYSIGN lip glosses

To complete your look, grab a corresponding lip gloss. Each shade is glossy, smooth, super pigmented. A bargain for £3! MYSIGN products are the perfect, personalised Christmas gift for loved ones, everyone will love the time and effort you spend picking a unique gift for their star sign (and you won’t be able to resist getting one for yourself).



Join the fun at mysigncollection.com Instagram @mysigncollection, and get yours at Superdrug and TAM Beauty, we can’t wait to hear what you think!