• On The Phone

    Servey Shows Internet Detox By UK Users

    Ofcom have discovered that UK internet users have had too much internet and have decided to take “digital detox”. The regulator’s survey found out that 34% of internet users have stayed clear of the web for up to a month, while 59% of those surveyed have admitted they are addicted to...

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  • Pokemon GO 4

    Pokémon Go Makers Are Being Sued

    Pokémon Go makers are being sued for encouraging trespassing onto private property. It seems like people in the US have had enough of Pokémon Go players entering their private property to catch Pokémon’s. Frustrated of people trespassing onto his private land, one man in particular, Jeffrey...

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  • Amazon Boss

    Amazon boss becomes the world’s third richest man

    Forbes magazine reveals Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos as the world’s third richest person. Bezos is the owner of 18% shares in Amazon, which rose by 2% in trading on Thursday. Following the increase Forbes magazine estimated his net worth to be $65.3bn. In the second quarter, Amazon’s revenue...

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  • drone_main-100362463-primary.idge

    Amazon test out UK drone delivery

    Amazon gets approval to test out drone delivery in the UK. Amazon will be commencing drone tests in UK airspace after winning approval from the Government to lift strict flying restriction in a major boost to its plan for it’s unmanned delivery aircraft. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has granted...

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  • Michelle Obama

    Carpool Karaoke: Michelle Obama

    We’ve been awaiting this all week – Michelle Obama takes the passenger seat next to James Cordon for his infamous Carpool Karaoke… Watch Video…

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