• Netflix 2

    Rising Netflix Prices Turn Off Subscribers

    Netflix shares drop after company doesn’t meet subscribers predictions. Failing to meet forecasts of 2.5 million subscribers, the online subscription service only ended up signing up 1.68 million users in the three months to June after cancellations rose slightly ahead of higher charges of existing...

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  • Windows 10

    Microsoft to miss Windows 10 target

    Microsoft have reported that they’ll miss their target of getting Windows 10 operating system running on more than 1 billion devices by 2018. The tech giant have struggled to find customers for its windows phone in market dominated by Android and Apple. Since it’s release in 2015, Windows...

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  • No-Amazon.001.001

    Bookshops challenging Amazon

    Amazon is being challenged by independent bookshop, ink@84.   Independent bookshop, ink@84, in Highbury, North London, have launched a new service, NearSt, which allows you to order and receive a book within 60 minutes. The service will allow you to browse through your local shops stockist using...

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  • Pikachu

    Teresa May accompanied by Pikachu on Downing Street

    Number 10 Downing Street has a new resident and we’re not talking about the UK’s new Prime Minister, Teresa May. We’ve hear a lot about Pokémon Go in the last few days since its release and although the game is not out yet in the UK, gamers have have found ways of accessing the app...

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  • Pokemon Go

    Pokémon is making a comeback

    The released of new game Pokémon Go has caused a bit of a frenzy around the world. Many of us remember Pokémon when it was extremely popular in the late 90’s but this summer, game developers, Niantic labs, are reviving and bringing it to our smartphone devices and it has already sparked a craze...

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