Uber To Launch Courier Service

Uber are striving to go into on-demand logistics, with their yearlong experimental run of the delivery service called UberRush in New York, San Francisco and Chicago.


In New York the rates for using Uber’s delivery service are $5.50 for the first mile and $2.50 for every additional mile.

The company’s move is considered a natural step for progression. The decision is thought to be a wise business step for Uber.

Their existing technological infrastructure is advanced and capable enough to support delivery of anything that can be delivered on demand. The upside of this service is that there’s no need to employ couriers or need to create a formal partnership with businesses, making it the ideal solution for small businesses that may need to use an urgent courier service without the extra paperwork and contract agreement.


Visit UberRush for more information on how the service works.





  1. That’s interesting that Uber is now participating in the courier service industry. I wonder what kind of things they tested for while they were analyzing metrics for their pilot programs in New York, San Fran, and Chicago. It will be interesting to see how this can influence the courier industry.

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