This is our story


We have seen the digital revolution happen before our eyes, and with the rise of popular independent websites and blogs, people can now connect to a global audience like no other.

The rise of the blogger has enabled passionate people to take to the internet and create websites that attract mass engaged audiences. They have become authorities in their own right, and are able to challenge traditional media publishers ,changing the way we all consume information. Handpicked Media was born as a need within the industry to hero these talented publishers.


We are proud to say we represent the best digital talent; from beauty, fashion, lifestyle, to parenting, food, travel and entertainment. With over 650 sites spread across our channels we have a vast array of publishers that clients can work with.

Curating the internet and ‘handpicking’ our sites based on their traffic, audience, influence and content is a fundamental principal for us, so when you are working with one of our sites, you know you are working with the best.