• YouTube

    YouTube updates advertising algorithm

    YouTube has been criticised over the way it chooses which videos will display adverts for a while now. In April and May this year, YouTube took actions towards this and changed their algorithm so that it restricted advertising from videos showing racism or violence. However, despite the step to make...

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  • giphy

    GIF or JIF

    The GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) was invented 28 years ago and today it has become ever so popular with it’s increased use through social media. Brands have taken a particular fondness to the use of GIF’s as a form of social media promotion. With a million followers, Missguided is a...

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  • images-1

    The Power of the #Hashtag

    Digital Information World, have given us a very handy infographic for everything we really need to know about the power of hashtagging. It explains all the basics, best practices and how you can even gain extra credit! Take a look over here  

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  • DM me

    Twitter Introduces Keyword Targeted Ads

    Brands rejoiced everywhere as Twitter announced the addition of Keyword targeting in timelines. Brands will now be able to target ads at users based on the content of their tweets, meaning there are reaching a much better audience and should in theory have more conversions. Before the launch of the...

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