• Amazon

    Amazon to launch broadband service in the UK

    As if all they do wasn’t enough, reports have surfaced that Amazon are considering a new addition to their business – broadband services. According to reports there’s been an increase in the use of premium subscription services which require the use of the internet. Because of this,...

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  • Morrisons

    Morrisons To Sell Groceries On Amazon

    Amazon has announced they are expanding their food offering by joining forces with Britain’s fourth biggest supermarket, Morrisons. The partnership will consist of bringing Morrisons fresh and frozen goods right to your doorstep, all using your annual £79 subscription fee with Amazon. Following...

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  • Amazon_Prime_62783

    Amazon Prime Launches Offline Viewing

    Amazon Prime subscribers will be able to watch their favourite shows offline. The streaming service which costs £79 for an annual subscription are introducing a new feature whereby you can download your favourite shows to your smart device and watch them without Wi-Fi. This is great news if you’re...

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  • amazon today

    Amazon Turns 20

    Twenty years ago today, Amazon sold it’s fist book as an online book store. Since, the business has grown and developed vastly, it’s almost unrecognisable. The company’s presence has completely transformed. There’s no doubt that there is a change in its visual appearance virtually,...

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