• Facebook at schools

    Facebook Announce Anti-Bullying Campaign in the UK

    Facebook has announced they will be funding training for one young person in every UK secondary school so that they can support their peers who experience cyber-bullying. There are 4,500 secondary schools in the UK but only half have a digital ambassador trained by anti-bullying campaigns The Diana Award...

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  • Youtube-to-Relaunch-Live-Streaming-476684-2

    YouTube Launching Live Streaming

    YouTube is battling out against Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope by introducing live streaming to it’s platform. The service will let users live stream video directly from their smartphone app, confirming that soon customers will be able to broadcast video from their phones to their...

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  • Facebook

    Mark Zuckerberg Photo Shows He Masks His Laptop Camera And Mic

    A photograph of Mark Zuckerberg has hit the internet, showing the Facebook founder covers the webcam and mic on his MacBook Pro with tape. The photo was posted in celebration of Instagram (the Facebook owned social media platform) hitting its 500 million monthly users. It does not come to a surprise...

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  • Facebook Reactions

    Facebook Has Changed The Like Button

    Facebook presents “reactions”, a new replacement for the like button on the social network. Facebook have announced the new “reactions” feature will allow you to react to a post through six different ways: like, love, haha, wow, sad, and angry. The new emoji style liking system...

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  • Facebook Birthday

    Facebook Happy Birthday Videos

    Facebook introduce the new “Birthday Video Cam” to turn your birthday into a celebration with a stream of videos from your friends.   When it comes to remembering our friends and families birthdays, we’re pretty useless, and throughout the last decade, Facebook has had our backs....

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