• Amazon

    Amazon to launch broadband service in the UK

    As if all they do wasn’t enough, reports have surfaced that Amazon are considering a new addition to their business – broadband services. According to reports there’s been an increase in the use of premium subscription services which require the use of the internet. Because of this,...

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  • On The Phone

    Servey Shows Internet Detox By UK Users

    Ofcom have discovered that UK internet users have had too much internet and have decided to take “digital detox”. The regulator’s survey found out that 34% of internet users have stayed clear of the web for up to a month, while 59% of those surveyed have admitted they are addicted to...

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  • Underwater Internet

    Google Launch The Largest Undersea Internet Cable

    Google has activated the worlds largest and highest capacity underwater internet cable. Running from the US to Japan, the cable is 5,600 miles long. The fibre optic cable can transport data at 60 terabits per second (60 million Mbps) and is expect to have a significant effect on the speed of trans pacific...

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  • WWW

    Happy 25th Birthday To The First Ever Website!

    The worlds first website info.cern.ch went live 25 years ago and can still be accessed today. Created in 1990 by British computer scientist, Tim Beners-Lee, a researched at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN), the site provides information about the world wide web. The simple idea...

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  • FacebookDrone1

    Facebook’s Drones to Provide Internet from the Sky

    Last Thursday, Facebook revealed new details about its project to build drones that will provide connectivity to the 4 billion people worldwide who don’t have internet access. During a keynote at its annual F8 Developer Conference in San Francisco, the company showed photos of a solar drone prototype...

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