• Moviepass

    Netflix Founder Launches Cinema Subscription Service

    Mitch Lowe, one of the founders of Netflix has re-launched cinema subscription service, Moviepass. Moviepass is a subscription service which allows you to watch any film that you want in any cinema. The service has been around for a few years now, though the monthly fee was $50. Now that Mitch has taken...

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  • Netflix 2

    Rising Netflix Prices Turn Off Subscribers

    Netflix shares drop after company doesn’t meet subscribers predictions. Failing to meet forecasts of 2.5 million subscribers, the online subscription service only ended up signing up 1.68 million users in the three months to June after cancellations rose slightly ahead of higher charges of existing...

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  • Netflix

    Netflix To Increase Prices Slowly

    As Netflix shares continue to fluctuate, the company have announced they will be raising the price of their subscription services. This quarter Netflix revealed that it added 6.7 million new subscribers for the quarter – 2.2 million in the US and 4.5 million overseas, including the UK. Despite...

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  • Sony Streaming Service

    Sony Streaming Service Asks You To Pay $30 Per Movie

    The anticipating of Sony’s new 4K video streaming service Ultra is due to debut next month, but it might come as a shock when you hear how much it would cost to subscribe. The company announced their plans to charge Ultra customers $30 per movie to stream in 4K, making it at least double the

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  • Netflix

    Netflix To Stop Proxy Streaming

    After their global expansion in January 2016, when they rolled out Netlix to 130 countries, the online streaming service is facing a challenge. Netflix subscribers have been using proxy servers in order to bypass their countries’ services and access U.S. content. In a blog post, the company’s...

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